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Free LIVE banish binge eating workshop 27th june

Banish Binge Eating

Are you tired of constantly thinking about your weight? 

Are you putting your dreams on hold, until you finally fit back into your skinny jeans- you know, the pair stashed away in your cupboard that you’re holding onto, hoping they’ll fit again some day?

Are you stuck in the binge-starve-binge cycle wondering why you can’t just be ‘normal’ and just STOP EATING??

Learn how to banish binge eating in just 60 days, even if you tried EVERYTHING before and have NO WILLPOWER!!

Workshop DATE

thursday 27th June 2PM EST
7pm UK

Host: Janine Wirth

Psychotherapist and Clinical hypnotherapist

I’m passionate about helping women overcome binge eating WITHOUT spending years in therapy. My method will not only undercover the root cause, but also reprogram your mind to become an intuitive eater- stopping your binges in their tracks without powders, pills or diets.  You deserve to live a happy, full life without constantly thinking about your weight or when the next binge attack will strike.

During This Free Training, You’ll Learn:

What mental shifts you need to make so that you can stop torturing yourself with diets and feelings of guilt, failure and shame.

Why it's not your fault and has absolutely NOTHING to do with willpower, so you can finally stop sabotaging yourself.

How to reprogram your mind so that you can reset your eating habits and become a happy intuitive eater, instead of a slave to your cravings.


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